Photo of a Huge Buck Shoot by Our Wisconsin Whitetail OutfittersKnown as one of the top hunting destinations in the country, Wisconsin has to be on your to-do list for this fall. When you stay at Buffalo County Outfitters, you’ll find that you’re right in the heart of the hunt and that you have everything you need for a comfortable stay this hunting season. Here, you’ll have access to full laundry, Wi-Fi, seven bedrooms, and five full bathrooms, as well as a kitchen big enough for 16 people. You’ll also have access to the archery shooting range so that you can practice your aim. There are plenty of reasons to head out to Wisconsin this fall and even more reasons to choose Buffalo County. Here are the top 10 reasons that you should choose our experienced Wisconsin whitetail outfitters.

1. The Lodge

The lodge at Buffalo County Outfitters is located in a prime spot for hunting whitetail deer. It’s beautifully outfitted with everything you need to have the hunting trip of a lifetime. The lodge is home to seven bedrooms, so you can take your entire family on their very first hunting trip. Or you can organize a trip with your friends! You’ll have access to a kitchen, television, and more when you choose Buffalo County as your Wisconsin whitetail outfitters.

2. The Location

When it comes to hunting whitetail, this is a prime location to do so. Our Wisconsin whitetail outfit prides itself on quality deer in the area and manages thousands of acres where the whitetail roam free. We make sure that the sits are the best locations for deer hunting in Wisconsin, with freshly-planted food plots and water holes nearby for the deer.

3. The Setup

Buffalo County Outfitters makes sure that everything is ready for your hunting trip, well before you arrive. We’ve taken time throughout the year to set up over 130 hang-on stands, ladder stands, ground blinds, and softshell enclosed blinds that you can use on your hunt.

4. The Pre-Hunt Meeting

Buffalo County is the perfect place for you to go on your first hunting trip. These Wisconsin whitetail outfitters make sure that you have the best chance to get all of the information that you might need and get all of your questions answered in a pre-hunt meeting with the staff prior to going out. This way, you know everything you need for a safe and fun experience.

5. Your Placement

In order to maintain the integrity of the area, our Wisconsin whitetail outfitters choose your hunting location for you daily. This way, you know exactly where to go so that you can get out and have a fun hunt as quickly as possible. We take everything into consideration, from weather to food—you can just focus on hunting.

6. Maps and Wisconsin Whitetail Outfitters

When you go hunting with Buffalo County Outfitters, you’ll be provided with a map of your area so that you know exactly where to go. You’ll also have a local guide that takes you to your section of the property. You’ll know exactly where to go. We’ll ensure that you have the best luck finding sighting deer throughout your day.

Photo of a great buck shot by our Wisconsin whitetail outfitters.7. Post-Trophy Help

If you’re able to shoot a trophy deer during your time with our Wisconsin whitetail outfitters, you’ll also have the chance to track, retrieve, photograph, and freeze your animal. We’ll also give you the names of some local taxidermists, in case you’d rather have your animal mounted.

8. Exploring Buffalo County

Apart from being one of the best hunting locations in the state, Buffalo County is a fantastic place to visit. Named after the Buffalo River, Buffalo County is full of beautiful scenery, including views of nearby valleys, bluffs, and fall foliage.

9. Passionate Staff

You truly can’t go wrong with Buffalo County as your Wisconsin whitetail outfitters. Owned by local Joel Artis, you won’t find a more passionate staff to help you plan your hunting trip. Joel himself has been hunting since he was 12 years old and aims to make your stay and hunting experience one to remember.

10. Some of the Best Hunting in the States

There’s no doubt that the last reason on this list has to be that hunting with our Wisconsin whitetail outfitters is the best hunting you’ll get this fall. From exceptional access to whitetail deer to a beautiful location and lodge, Buffalo County Outfitters has it all. The staff is ready to make your trip one that you’ll remember for years to come.